Friday, 22 April 2011

The recycling centre

On arrival, i was welcomed by a poorly hand-painted sign, in black and white.  Plain and simple.  Underneath the sign were various pieces of graffiti – nothing particularly legible... and on the other wall entrance was more – larger graffiti works.  I scanned across them to find a pledge which had been sprayed in a blood-dripping type style... Just lovely.

This aside, i went in with an open mind.  I looked around to see old furniture galore!  Anything you could imagine... Leather sofas and desk chairs; coffee tables and writing desks; washing machines, fridges and ovens; bed frames and wardrobes... I could go on. All these items listed were just the 'generic' pieces.  I also came across some more... let's say 'interesting' things, such as a car seat – and by 'car seat' i don't mind the kind that a child sits in for extra height in the car – i mean an actual seat which has been ripped straight out of a car.  At one point i thought to myself – this place sells everything except from the kitchen sink!  Until i came across a kitchen sink that is. 

So first thoughts on the recycling centre – i wasn't sure how this was an inspirational place.  That was until i looked in deeper.  I found some really interesting things, like the door handles on some very old wardrobes.  They had beautiful, intricate patterns. 

 I found a table with an old Singer sewing machine built into it, i thought that the design of the table was a great idea, it would be very useful! 

The old sofas and rugs had great patterns and designs on them too, i was seeing some proper vintage stuff, i felt quite privileged to be able to view these.  And soon i began to understand why Erin from RaRa's found this a place to come for inspiration.  I came across a collection of old mattresses, each with a completely different fabric pattern, which was an indicator as to what era they had come from... Some I'd go as far to say as from the 60's-70's with their psychedelic floral prints, more modern but still dated with tartan fabric and quite modern simple swirly patterns.  It was interesting to see the range of patterns... 

In conclusion to my trip, I would say give it a chance! It was often difficult to find what was so inspirational but when you do... It's definitely worth it!

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