Friday, 1 April 2011

QUIRKY DUNDEE – Expect the Unexpected!

Whatever you think you know about Dundee – think again!
No longer a tired post-industrial city, Dundee has developed into a modern, vibrant, diverse city now well known for it’s art scene, culture, innovations and research in science, medicine and technology.

It’s also very QUIRKY! Keep your eyes open and expect the unexpected and you’ll discover a Dundee of your own.

Our brief was to map out Dundee’s style. After a couple of hours wandering around town the quirky nature of the city really began to shine through. 

To get us started we visited three lovely and very different independent companies.  RaRa and The Pretty Vacant Showrooms (everything vintage), Lorraine Law (hand-made Jewellery) and BECO (modern vintage and recycled clothing).  Each one has a unique offering and help to make Dundee an interesting place to visit.

RaRa and The Pretty Vacant Show Room, Exchange Street Dundee.
Lorraine Law Jewellery Design, Commercial Street Dundee.
BECO Boutique, Whitehall Crescent Dundee.
Keep your eyes open for fabulous statues, sculptures, independent shops, cafés, views, buildings, street names, street entertainers etc etc. 

Our blog aims to keep you posted on what’s   different and interesting and we’d love to hear what defines the quirky style of Dundee for you!

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