Friday, 22 April 2011

Influential Dundee

Our Blog Experience has almost came to a grand close.

We'd like to mention why each of us personally believe that Dundee and this blog are influential to our design work and the way we see textiles.

Louise Murray "I personally have always found Dundee's range of graffiti beautiful. I can always see its colour and shape taking on its own textile application and I love how its often against large textured structures and find myself wondering how that could be created with fabric. This blog has helped share this and I've learned more about Dundee as I'm not Dundonian." My Own Blog and Deviantart (My Work)

Graffiti ontop of Evans Store Next to Clock (How do they get up there?!) Photo By- Myself

Gill Rourke: 'As I have lived in Dundee for basically all my life, I guess until now i have been very unappreciative of my surroundings, but doing this project has forced me to look deeper into many aspects of Dundee - like the culture and architecture - and by doing so I have found a better understanding and appreciate the interesting quirks that the city holds.  The quirky things we've become more aware of have helped to influence and inspire my work in textile design.

Shiona McMahon-"I have always enjoyed quirky things so this project was great for me! Speaking to the designers in the hot spots we vistied was interesting as we found out their backgrounds and how they came to have their own stores. It gives me confidence as they started out the same as me." B.E.A utilful man!!!!!

Nicola Whyte- I have also lived in Dundee forever... but never took time to go around Dundee,  to see what interesting things Dundee has in it, but by doing this project for the blog I took a couple of days to go and explore- taking photos of when I  found unique and interesting things along the way. It makes you think that if you just take the time to go searching for something you might find things which will surprise you and inspire you .

Jemma Esposito

Caron Ironside - I've rarely visited Dundee and since coming to college here have only had time to either be at college or in the car heading to or from college, so this project provided a great opportunity to make time to see Dundee.  I was very impressed with the 3 companies we visited each waving the flag for independent designers and retailers with a twist, and was inspired by what I saw as we walked about.  I loved the quirky angle which developed from our hot spot visits and after some research and more time on the ground in the city began to really appreciate and enjoy Dundee's quirky style.  I will certainly make more time over the next year to get to know the city better and visit it more often, whether for work or fun.  I'm very inspired to create my own blog to chart my second year at Dundee college and will draw ideas and inspiration from what we've created and achieved with this project.

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